WaterstofNet signed 'Joint call for the deployment of hydrogen fuel cell trucks'
17 maart 2020

WaterstofNet signed 'Joint call for the deployment of hydrogen fuel cell trucks'

On 5 March WaterstofNet signed - toghether with 43 other partners - a joint call for the deployment of hydrogen fuel cell trucks: needed shift towards a carbon-neutral society'.  This letter of intent aims to promote fuel cell trucks and show that the supply side is preparing to deploy the vehicles – including key component such as storage tanks and fuel cell systems, as well as the hydrogen refuelling infrastructure.

The letter was signed on the event 'Hydrogen fuel cell trucks: paving the road to a carbon-neutral Europe', organised by Hydrogen Europe.

The event brought together about 150 attendees, among which leading truck industry experts, EU decision-makers, end-users and infrastructure providers to discuss the acceleration of the mass-market deployment of hydrogen fuel cell trucks and their infrastructure.

The main commitments outlined in the letter are:

- to make large-scale deployments of fuel cell trucks a reality soon, with pre-commercial series ready by 2025 (5000-10 000 vehicles) and full commercialisation by 2030 (95 000 vehicles). Around 100 hydrogen refuelling stations will be needed by 2025 and 1000 by 2030 to refill these trucks.
- to deliver low-carbon, renewable hydrogen at a competitive cost at the nozzle.
The full letter and list of signatories are available here.

As WaterstofNet we support this European initiatives, as we believe hydrogen-powered trucks are an essential, promising solution to achieve the reductions of the GHG emissions for the transport sector set out in the Green Deal, without compromising operational flexibility with a range, refuelling time and payload closer to conventional engines.

Heavy-duty projects at WaterstofNet:

WaterstofNet is working on H2-Share (27 ton rigid truck with mobile refueling station, Interreg NWE), H2Haul (16 trucks will be built and demonstrated in Belgium, France, Germany, and
Switzerland, FCHJU), REVIVE (15 garbage trucks on hydrogen, FCH-JU), and Waterstofregio 2.0 (Inttereg Vl-NL) where a tractor-trailer combination on hydrogen is built that will be demonstrated soon.