WaterstofNet publishes 2nd edition 'Flemish Hydrogen Research'
6 april 2023

WaterstofNet publishes 2nd edition 'Flemish Hydrogen Research'

As of last week, a second, updated version of the research report 'Hydrogen Research in Flanders' is available on the WaterstofNet website. The aim of the report is to promote cooperation and strengthen research.

Many activities on hydrogen-related topics are ongoing in Flemish research institutes. Several groups are active in materials research for hydrogen production. There is research on transport and storage of hydrogen. And others are studying different applications.

This research was quite fragmented and there was no clear overview of all the different activities. Therefore, in 2021, WaterstofNet conducted a thorough survey and released a first 'catalogue' in early 2022. This included the various relevant research groups with their expertise. This voluminous and very interesting research report was updated early this year and is now published on the WaterstofNet website.

The aim of this overview is to promote cooperation on hydrogen between research groups and between knowledge institutions and industry. In this way, this report contributes to the realisation of the Flemish hydrogen vision. Strengthening research is one of its priority objectives.

Download now the report 'Hydrogen Research in Flanders - Overview of Hydrogen related activities at Flemish knowledge institutes, Status January 2023'.

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