Publications WaterstofNet

Below you can download a number of publications of WaterstofNet:

Hydrogen Research in Flanders (january 2024)
Overview of Hydrogen related activities at Flemish knowledge institutes

Hydrogen in Flanders (2024) - Dutch
Statusrapport 2023

Belgium as a hydrogen importhub (2023)

Waterstof In Vlaanderen (2023) - Dutch
Statusrapport 2022

Cross-border hydrogen value chain in the Benelux and its neighbouring regions (2023)
Identifying and connecting renewable hydrogen demand and supply via the cross-border hydrogen backbone

Inn2POWER - (2023)
Offshore Wind Energy and Green Hydrogen Offshore test facilities

Hydrogen and certification (2022)
Position paper in relation to the certification of hydrogen in Belgium

Vlaams Waterstofdecreet (2022)
Input Waterstof Industrie Cluster

Position Paper: (2022)
Why Investments in Renewable Hydrogen Should be
Considered as Facilitating the Energy Transition and Hence Qualify for the
Energy Investment Deduction.

Inn2POWER - Green Hydrogen (2022)
State of the Nations Summary Report

Hydrogen Research in Flanders (Status January 2023)
Overview of Hydrogen related activities at Flemish knowledge institutes

Hydrogen Research in Flanders (jan 2022) 
Overview of Hydrogen related activities at Flemish knowledge institutes

Waterstof in de Deltaregio (2021 ) - Dutch 

Study on large-scale import of hydrogen from other continents (2021)
Hydrogen Import Coalition

Greenports final report (2021) - English 

A Flemish Hydrogen Strategy 2025 – 2030 (2020) - English

Green Octopus/Grensoverschrijdende ecosystemen vanuit VlaamsNederlands perspectief (2020) Dutch

Potentieelstudie voor groene waterstof (2018) Dutch

Hylaw national policy paper (2018) English

Power-to-Gas roadmap studie (2016) English

H2 mobility Belgium (2015) English