Strong growth of Waterstof Industrie Cluster to over 150 members and successful WIC-meeting at Siemens
14 maart 2023

Strong growth of Waterstof Industrie Cluster to over 150 members and successful WIC-meeting at Siemens

We are happy to announce that our Waterstof Industrie Cluster grew to more than 150 members.

Since September 2022 we welcomed 24 new organisations that we would like to introduce to you. 

On March 8th  we organized the first Waterstof Industrie Cluster meeting of 2023 at the Siemens site in Huizingen. This time with interesting key notes of Emilio Manrique Ambriz of TNO on reducing iridium content in electrolysers and Zac Cesaro of Siemens Energy on facilitating the hydrogen roll-out via ammonia cracking. Besides presentations on the introduction of new members,  Siemens and Siemens Energy gave us an overview of their hydrogen activities, with several large projects being developed all over the world and innovative new (digital) technologies that are available to be implemented in various hydrogen applications.

Thanks to Siemens and Siemens Energy for being a great host and to the participants for their enthusiastic reactions.

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An introduction of our new WIC members:

Virya Energy is the sustainable energy pillar of Colruyt Group and of Korys, the investment vehicle of the Colruyt family. Virya and its subsidiaries (Eoly Energy, Parkwind and Eurowatt) own and operate more than 1GW of green power capacity worldwide and are active in numerous green hydrogen production projects such as Hyoffwind and projects in Terneuzen and Vlissingen.

Bosal is a manufacturer and supplier of quality automotive and industrial products, which is currently developing a new branch of products based on solid oxide technology.  Their ambition is to realise a mass-production system for solid oxide electrolysers and fuel cells in the coming decade.

Euroports is one of the largest port-infrastructure companies in Europe. Each year they handle more than 60 million tons of liquid, bulk, breakbulk and containerised goods. They develop, operate and manage global maritime supply-chain solutions for international customers in specific industry sectors.

Swagelok Belux is a supplier of the Swagelok components, a.o. tube fittings, valves and regulators, but is also a partner for many companies by providing support for the assembly of their components and supplying custom made solutions. They have also expertise in the use of their components in hydrogen equipment.

Hyster Yale designs, engineers, manufactures, sells and services a comprehensive line of lift trucks and aftermarket parts marketed globally primarily under the Hyster® and Yale® brand names. Subsidiaries of Hyster-Yale Group include Nuvera Fuel Cells, LLC, an alternative-power technology company focused on fuel cell stacks and engines.

Emerson is an international company, which manufactures products and provides engineering services for industrial, commercial, and consumer markets. Emerson brings sustainable solutions to vital industries like power, life sciences, food and beverage, heating and cooling, energy, food service and more. Their capabilities are on energy source decarbonization, electrification and system integration, emissions management, and energy efficiency and optimization.

Luyckx works as a specialist in distribution and service of equipment for civil engineering, goods handling and agriculture. They have constructed together with CMB Tech the first dual fuel excavator on hydrogen.

C-energy focuses on energy management and ‘energy as a service’ and uses different sustainable technologies, a.o. hydrogen, to realise low cost and low carbon energy solutions. C-energy and the Cordeel group have experience with hydrogen for mobility applications with a refuelling station in Temse and a few fuel cell cars.

Tialoc Belgium is as an engineering company closely involved with the technology development of hydrogen process and hydrogen combustion reaching the best possible emissions. Tialoc serves a wide range of industrial markets, especially in chemicals & petrochemical, oil & gas, power & renewable energy, semiconductors & photovoltaic, as well as food & beverage.

TNO is the Dutch research organisation, that works with national and international partners on making the industry more sustainable. They are working on several solutions related to Power2Heat,  Power2Hydrogen via innovative electrolyser technology, power-to-fuels/chemicals and Solar2Hydrogen with production of hydrogen via photo-chemical processes. 

Ruitenberg groep is active in different sectors of inland barging. They consist of Ruijtenberg Shipping BV,  Jenero BV, Othello Shipping BV, Rivierenpoort BV, Ruijtenberg Maritiem BV en ShipVision BV.

ATCP is part of the VTTI group. VTTI is one of the world’s leading storage providers for energy and other essential products like chemicals. Located at major shipping crossroads and supply gateways, VTTI provides over 10 million cubic metres of storage capacity across five continents. ATPC is looking for storage solutions in hydrogen and its derivatives.

Vandersanden is a manufacturer of bricks, facade systems, brick slips, and pavers for buildings and streets…. They have the ambition to operate completely CO2-neutral by 2050 and are strongly investing in sustainable products and production methods.  Hydrogen can be an energy carrier to fuel some of their processes.

KBC is a Belgian bank, that is more and more investing in renewable energy products and wants to monitor the developments in hydrogen as one of the promising technologies.

Kalmar is offering cargo handling equipment, automation, software and services. The Kalmar product range includes straddle and shuttle carriers, reachstackers, empty container handlers, terminal tractors and forklift trucks. Kalmar’s offering also covers maintenance contracts, technical support, spare parts, training and crane upgrades and Kalmar One automation system. Bromma spreaders are also part of the Kalmar business area. They are looking for opportunities in hydrogen powered equipment.

Somarine is active in consultancy for inland barging. Their main focus in hydrogen developments lies on the propulsion of inland barges, but also on the transport of it.

TFC (Tranfurans) is a pioneer in furfural chemicals.  They produce basic chemicals from renewable raw materials, mostly based on agricultural waste products. In the future it is the intention to use green hydrogen for this process.

Eneria is a subsidiary of Monnoyeur that designs, installs and maintains power production and engine solutions.  They offer a hydrogen genset based on fuel cell technology.

Helicus is a Belgian drone operator that mainly focuses on facilitating drones in medical applications through the development of legislation, hardware and software applications. One of these applications is their automatic hydrogen refueling system that has been designed and prototyped over the past 2 years.

Geldof Engicon is an engineering manufacturer/contractor of ‘integrated steel solutions’ for the storage, handling and processing of bulk solids, liquids and gasses. Geldof has built up extensive expertise in the cold and/or pressurized storage of ammonia, hydrogen and CO2.

Honeywell : Honeywell is active on making industrial heating processes more sustainable, with focus on optimizing combustion processes, reducing emissions and implementing safety measures. Honeywell is supplying components and expertise in implementation of hydrogen as fuel for industrial heating systems.

CZAV Mobility group is a daughter company of the CZAV agricultural cooperation in the South West of the Netherlands, including the companies ‘AgriSnellaad’, ‘AgriSneltank’ and ‘CZAV brandstoffen’. They operate fuelling stations and have their own wholesale company for trading CZAV fuels.

Intertec produces solutions for the reliable protection of highly sensitive equipment and instruments.

The EPC contractor APK GROUP-SICIM JV will focus on engineering and building of Hydrogen / CCSU infrastructure including, Hydrogen and CO2 pipeline infrastructure, Hydrogen Production Plants, Carbon Capture Plants and E-Fuel Production Plants.

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