Green hydrogen ‘Guarantees of Origin’ launched

17 januari 2019
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Green hydrogen ‘Guarantees of Origin’ launched

Europe is moving one step forward towards a new and transparent hydrogen market. The CertifHy project - ‘Designing the 1st EU-wide Guarantee of Origin (GO) scheme for Green Hydrogen’ - issued 75,000+ CertifHy Green and Low Carbon Hydrogen GOs that are available on the market now.

Hydrogen consumers from industry and transport can use renewable energy in their processes and reduce the greenhouse gas footprint by purchasing CertifHy Green or Low Carbon Hydrogen Guarantee of Origins now. CertifHy GOs allow end-users to consume Green and Low Carbon Hydrogen across the EU, regardless of their location. The CertifHy Guarantee of Origin scheme is essential for labelling the origin of the product providing transparency to consumers and creating market pull for Green and Low-carbon hydrogen.

CertifHy invites existing hydrogen consumers to participate in the pilot and acquire CertifHy GOs. A CertifHy GO allows end-users to proof that the hydrogen originates from renewable and low carbon energy sources. It covers either hydrogen produced from renewable energy (bio, hydro, wind and solar) (defined as ‘Green Hydrogen’) or from non-renewable low carbon energy sources (defined as Non-Renewable Low Carbon Hydrogen).  

WaterstofNet is a member of the project’s steering group and chair of the working group related to commercialisation and use. Our partners Air Liquide and Colruyt Group participate in the pilot and are hydrogen producers issuing GOs.


Learn more about CertifHy Guarantee of Origins here and join the CertifHy Stakeholder Forum and final conference on 25 March, Brussels! Register now. 

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