WaterstofNet takes part in 2nd Dutch International Hydrogen Challenge

30 maart 2018
Categorie: Hyundai bij WN, WaterstofNet
WaterstofNet takes part in 2nd Dutch International Hydrogen Challenge

On the 6th and 7th of April WaterstofNet will participate in the 2nd Dutch International Hydrogen Challenge. The challenge wants to highlight that hydrogen for mobility is just one part of the entire energy transition. WaterstofNet will be represented by Stefan Neis, Wouter van der Laak and intern Mathieu Wuyts.

The challenge is all about the fun (although safety is paramount) and sharing the possibilities for hydrogen-electric driving in Europe. The aim is to bring about a broader knowledge and acceptance of hydrogen - starting with hydrogen as a fuel.

In the challenge, different teams will drive 24 hours in a FCEV through Europe, and collect points for distance, number of visited countries and number of visited Hydrogen Refuelling Stations (HRS). This year teams from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium will compete. Each team formulates its own strategy to collect points and therefore their destination is kept secret.

During the challenge each team will communicate about the challenge with the hashtag: #24hc. They can be tracked in real time through a smart app. The team which accumulates the most points within 24 hours and reaches the finish within the 25th hour of the race, is the winner. Feel free to cheer for our team! 

More information on: www.hydrogenchallenge.eu or www.e-xpeditie.nl/24hc.