WaterstofNet presents first national policy paper on hydrogen
29 oktober 2018

WaterstofNet presents first national policy paper on hydrogen

Click here for the national policy paper

On October 23, WaterstofNet organized a national workshop for the dissemination of the findings of the HyLAW project.

HyLAW is a European project aimed at boosting the market uptake of hydrogen, by providing market developers with a clear view on the applicable regulations and calling the attention of policy makers on legal barriers to be removed.

WaterstofNet represents Belgium in this project that unites 18 EU member states.

Participants of the workshop were representatives from environmental and mobility departments from the three regions and the policy department of the Benelux.
Also several companies that are active in hydrogen technology were present.

Practical experiences with hydrogen related legislation were presented by Colruyt & Air Liquide (H2 fuelling stations), Van Hool (H2 buses) and CMB (H2 ship).
VITO reported on its running “Best Available Techniques” that develops a standardized framework for licensing of hydrogen refueling stations in Flanders.
The general results of the Hylaw project were presented by the project leader (Hydrogen Europe).  

The specific situation for Belgium - summarized by WaterstofNet in a National Policy paper - was explained.

The conclusions of the Hylaw project for Belgium will be incorporated in the agendas of existing platforms, such as the ENOVER -the interfederal consultative body on energy- and the Benelux working group on hydrogen.   

More info on the project, the Belgian national policy paper and an extensive database with a legal procedures valid for hydrogen in all participating member states can be found on the HyLAW website:

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