Unique ‘fuel cell car - moments’ for WaterstofNet 
17 september 2018

Unique ‘fuel cell car - moments’ for WaterstofNet 

Friday September 14th, a Hyundai NEXO refuelled for the first time at our refuelling station in Helmond. 
The Hyundai NEXO is the successor of the Hyundai ix35 - developped specifically for hydrogen - and has a range of more than 650 km.

Monday September 17th, the Hyundai ix35 - that WaterstofNet has been driving now for 4 years and that has more than 76.000 km on the odometer - went for the first time to the obligatory technical car inspection after 4 years of driving.
It is the first hydrogen car in Belgium that is 4 years on the road and thus had to go for this inspection. It received the inspection certificate without any remarks.

For WaterstofNet … it shows the continuity of Hyundai regarding fuel cell cars.  While a ‘next step’ for the first fuel cell car (Hyundai ix35), the next model (NEXO)  is already on the road.

DSC_0164.jpg DSC_0161.jpg