Industrial commitment in Flemish power-to-gas projects
26 april 2018

Industrial commitment in Flemish power-to-gas projects

Eoly (Colruyt Group Energy), Fluxys, and a third partner Parkwind, have announced to join forces to explore an industrial-scale power-to-gas installation. The power-to-gas installation will convert green electricity into green hydrogen that can be transported and stored in the existing natural gas infrastructure.

Unlike demonstration projects elsewhere in Europe, Eoly, Parkwind and Fluxys envisage to realise one of the first industrial-scale power-to-gas facilities in Belgium of around 25 MW. 

Furthermore, Terranova Solar (another Power-to-Gas cluster member), introduced its plan to produce hydrogen onsite.

Both project concepts were initiated within the Power-to-Gas cluster. We are very pleased to see that the industry picks up these ideas to bring them into reality.

More information about these two exciting projects will be given at the Power-to-Gas Conference on May 7th in Antwerp.

More information:

AVS News link (video about the Terranova Solar project in Dutch)


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