30 new members for the Waterstof Industrie Cluster during the past year
8 februari 2024

30 new members for the Waterstof Industrie Cluster during the past year

The strong growth of the Waterstof Industrie Cluster continues! We are pleased to welcome 30 new members over the past year.  The WIC now has over 175 members.

Interested in joining the WIC too? Click here for more info and contact details of our WIC team. An overview of all members can be found here.

We would like to introduce you to our new members:

  • Bosch Transmission Technology 

Supplier of single metal sheets welded and stacked together to use in fuel cell and electrolyser stacks, supply electrolyser stacks

  • Resato

Technology provider for hydrogen refuelling stations and tube trailer filling stations

  • Vopak

Provider of storage and handling services with focus on terminals for new energies and sustainable feedstocks

  • SoluForce

Supplier of long length high pressure re-inforced thermoplastic pipe systems for hydrogen: flexible, non-metallic, simple to install, certified for hydrogen applications up to 52 bar

  • Bosch Thermotechnology Belgium

With brands Buderus and Bosch, is specialized in solutions for heating and hot water preparation on gas, oil, heat pumps and solar energy. Bosch is active on the development of hydrogen fired boilers

  • KULeuven

Academic research institute with research groups, active on membranes for hydrogen production, power electronics for electrolysers, inorganic materials (clathrates) and liquid organic hydrogen carriers, advanced characterization and simulation tools for hydrogen embrittlement,  design of hydrogen pressure vessels, solar power to ammonia, use of hydrogen for heat and power engines,…

  • Saint Gobain Omniseal Solutions

Provider of sealing solutions with simulation, design and products

  • Technogas

Supplier of turn-key measurement/control stations for hydrogen, natural gas, CNG, nitrogen, partner of Atawey for providing hydrogen refuelling stations

  • Stahl Electromach

Active in solutions for an international certified explosion protection for hydrogen based industries over the entire hydrogen value chain

  • Parker Hannifin

Active in supplying components (hydraulics, pneumatics, electromechanical, fluid&gas handling, filtration, sealing&shielding, instrumentation) to producers of electrolysers, fuel cells, hydrogen refuelling stations

  • Amadys

Active in the distribution of passive equipment for telecom, electricity, water, gas in industry with focus on sustainability.

  • Nenspower

Renting power generators (4 – 2000 kVA) for a wide range of applications with a first reference on dual fuel (diesel/hydrogen).

  • Klinger

Manufacturer and distributor of industrial appendages & valves, sealing & gaskets, hoses & compensators

  • H2V Industry

Producer of green hydrogen to decarbonize industry and mobility

  • Imec

Research on nanotechnology for highly efficient, high throughput electrochemical cells and subcomponents (electrodes, membranes)

  • Chiyoda

Supplyer of liquid organic carrier (LOHC)  MCH (Methyl cyclohexane) for the import of hydrogen in European countries, offering complete systems in collaboration with French partner Axens

  • Vervaeke

Large chemical logistics company for bulk products, centralized in Antwerp-Rotterdam – Rurh-area, involved in projects to use hydrogen as fuel for trucks, developing solutions to transport hydrogen between hubs

  • Ipcos

Digital solutions and services provider of new optimization strategies for licensors of green ammonia plants, power-to-x processes, CCS,…

  • Krohne

Supplier of H2-flowmeters and corresponding guidelines for transport of hydrogen, calibration procedures, equipment for anode-cathode contamination

  • PFF

Part of Galberti Group, specialized in the supply of complete services for piping and valve projects

  • Pfizer

With their Belgian factory in Puurs being one of the largest production and packaging sites in the worldwide Pfizer network, looking at application of hydrogen as a carbon-free energy source in their manufacturing processes

  • Festo

Supplier of automation technology, education solutions, production and sales of pneumatic and electrical control systems, such as for electrolysers and compressor stations

  • TES-H2

Global green energy company in the production of e-natural gas (derived from green hydrogen)

  • BOM

‘Brabantse Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij' is an executive body of the Province of Brabant and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, supporting companies active in climate-neutral energy and key-technologies in their development and internationalisation ambitions

  • VITO

An independent Flemish research organisation in the area of cleantech and sustainable development. Their research includes hydrogen as a crucial sustainable energy carrier. For example, VITO is developing new electrolysis systems for green hydrogen and draws up models and scenarios to the value chains for hydrogen

  • Solhyd

Is a tech startup known for its hydrogen panels. These are solar modules which directly produce hydrogen from sunlight and water captured from air, without the need for liquid water or a power supply. Solhyd is a spin-off of KU Leuven university

  • Zinq

The ZINQ-Group is specialised in hot-dip galvanising or galvanisation and coating of steel. Given their energy-intensive process and their commitment to a circular business model, the use of hydrogen in our application can be interesting

  • Nelissen Steenfabrieken

Nelissen Steenfabrieken NV is an energy-intensive company that intends to prepare the transition to hydrogen for their energy-intensive processes

  • James Walker

Supplier of seals (flanges, gaskets, O-rings) with main application in the chemical and petrochemical industries. They are specialised in the production of non-standard custom-made seals and are expanding their expertise towards hydrogen applications

  • Loyens & Loeff (L&L) 

L&L is an international law and tax firm headquartered in Rotterdam that is looking to give legal advice on hydrogen related legislation & policy 

Map with logo's of all members: