Save the Date - Conference Belgian Hydrogen Council: "Building the EU hydrogen value chain, with Belgium at its heart"

24 oktober 2024, 08:30 - 17:30
Dockx Dome Event hall , Lambermontlaan 1, 1000, Brussel
Save the Date - Conference Belgian Hydrogen Council:

Save the date! Conference Belgian Hydrogen Council

WaterstofNet and Cluster Tweed invite you to the second conference of the Belgian Hydrogen Council (BHC): "Building the EU hydrogen value chain, with Belgium at its heart". 

The BHC was established in the beginning of 2023 to represent the Belgian hydrogen industry on national and international level. As a joint initiative of two regional clusters - Waterstof Industrie Cluster in Flanders and H2Hub in Wallonia - it represents the entire Belgian hydrogen value chain.

At this conference, we will focus on the developments and critical aspects throughout the whole hydrogen value chain i.e. the status of the production projects in our region, the highlights regarding research & technology developments, the hydrogen backbone construction, the building of storage facilities at import terminals and the most interesting cases regarding end-use in industry and transport. 

Results of Belgian players will be complemented with highlights from international frontrunners.   

Also this year we hope to welcome visitors from our neighbouring regions to exchange insights and develop new collaborations.

More info on the agenda and the subscription will follow soon.

The conference takes place in Brussels, October 24 2024.
Save the date!  We are looking forward to meeting you there!