Bureau Veritas
13 April 2020

Bureau Veritas


As a leading global provider of TIC services: testing, inspection and certification, Bureau Veritas is a versatile partner in the field of business services. Its scope mainly covers themes such as quality, risk management, health & safety, environment, corporate social responsibility and energy transition (renewable energy, hydrogen and CO2 reduction).


Our services are aimed at helping to improve the business performance of our clients. We test the conformity of corporate assets, products and processes on the basis of the specifications and requirements of clients, (inter)national standards and (inter)national legislation. In addition, we independently assess business risks, inventory and assess whether a client complies with legislation and regulations (compliance) and we are available for measurements, inspections, certifications and training.


Energy transition - hydrogen services

Bureau Veritas is internationally active in the field of hydrogen. We are your partner in production, storage, transport, distribution and consumption. Safe, reliable and environmentally friendly application of hydrogen: Bureau Veritas offers a wide range of services. For example: risk inventory and assessment (via hazard studies) in addition to compliance assessment against (inter)national legislation and regulations (such as ATEX and PED). This also includes the assessment of suppliers (via supplier audits), and performance assessments aimed at improving the performance and efficiency of production facilities and installations.


About Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas was founded in Antwerp in 1828 and, with more than 78,000 employees, it is active worldwide in more than 140 countries through an extensive network of 1,600 offices and laboratories.

In the Netherlands and Belgium we operate from offices in Rotterdam and De Botlek, Amersfoort and Antwerp, among others. 

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