Hydrogen region 2.0

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Between 2009 and 2013, Flemish and Dutch technolgy developers, end-users, governments and research institutes started to cooperate on hydrogen projects. A unique ecosystem on hydrogen in Flanders and the Netherlands started to develop. The projects were related to the construction of the first hydrogen filling stations with electrolysis in Flanders and the Netherlands and on the development, construction and demonstration of innovative means of transport on hydrogen (garbage truck, boat and bus).

Based on these results, the Flanders-Netherlands region created a unique ecosystem on hydrogen and is involved in various European hydrogen projects.

In April 2016, ' Hydrogen region 2.0 ' is started, funded by Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland. This project strengthens the structural collaboration between Flemish and Dutch players, by the development of more and unique demonstration projects in Europe.

In the area of hydrogen infrastructure:


• Development and construction of two unique hydrogen filling stations, where the hydrogen is produced on site from green electricity
• Extension of the existing hydrogen filling station on the Automotive Campus in Helmond to serve more demonstration applications.
• Development and deployment of a mobile hydrogen filling station to serve demonstrations on different places in the region.
• Development and construction of 'indoor' dispensers for demonstration of hydrogen forklifts at the logistics site of Colruyt Group.


In the field of zero-emission applications:

• Demonstration of Europe's largest fleet of 75 hydrogen forklifts on hydrogen at the logistics site of Colruyt Group.
• Development and demonstration of the first large (40 ton) truck on hydrogen in Europe by VDL.
• Continuation of the demonstration program for refuse collection, started in the previous Interreg programme.


Ambition is to lead the 'Hydrogen region Flanders-Netherlands 2.0 ' cross-border cooperation at the level of  'leader' in Europe.