Hydrogen region 2.0


Flanders and the Netherlands are home to a number of unique technology players and end users in the field of hydrogen, both in the field of vehicle development and in the production of hydrogen from green energy.

The cooperation on hydrogen between Flanders and the Netherlands started in 2009 under the impulse of the Interreg project "Hydrogen Region Flanders-South Netherlands". Within 'Hydrogen Region', coordinated by WaterstofNet, a number of unique demonstration projects have been realized: 1 MW plant on by product hydrogen, a new hydrogen bus concept, a hydrogen filling station in Flanders for forklifts, a hydrogen filling station in the Netherlands for buses and cars, a garbage truck on hydrogen and a sloop on hydrogen.

Based on these results, the Flanders-Netherlands region has developed a strong eco-system around hydrogen and the region is actively involved in a number of European initiatives.

With the Interreg project Hydrogen Region 2.0, again coordinated by WaterstofNet, this cooperation between Flanders and the Netherlands is further extended by realizing additional projects by and for companies in the region.

Video in collaboration with Interreg Flanders - The Netherlands (2016) (Dutch)

In terms of hydrogen infrastructure:

In terms of Zero-emission applications:

In order to further expand the existing ecosystem, consisting of technology developers and end users, we collaborate with regional development companies and network organizations.

The total budget of the project is 14 million euros, of which 6 million euros will be made available from Interreg.

STATUS October 2020

Specifically, in Q1 of 2018, the hydrogen filling station on the Automotive Campus was expanded in terms of electrolysis capacity and storage, so that several users can refuel since 5 April.

At Colruyt Group in Halle, the H2 petrol station built in the first Interreg project, thanks to WR 2.0, is now also publicly accessible to cars (since October 2018). Colruyt Group is also scaling up its fleet of forklifts and installed indoor dispensers for this at the beginning of 2017.

Furthermore, preparations for the construction of H2 filling stations in Breda and Wilrijk are in full swing. The permits have now been granted and delivery is scheduled for the first half of 2021.

Another unique feature is the completed mobile filling station, which can be deployed in various places to offer companies thinking about hydrogen applications a first experience. Several successful demos have been completed (eg as a back-up during the technical upgrade of the hydrogen filling station of Total, with a garbage truck in Breda, with Toyota at the Automotive Campus in Helmond). Other demos are in the pipeline (eg demonstrations with forklift trucks at Volvo Ghent and AET and PSA in the port of Antwerp).

A regional brand-independent service and maintenance service for various fuel cell road vehicles was also started at E-Trucks Europe in 2019, so that hydrogen vehicles can now be repaired.

And as a showpiece, there is a European first: the heavy-duty tractor trailer combination developed and built by VDL on H2. This is currently being tested at Colruyt Group.

Strong Hydrogen Region!

Together with the realized hydrogen projects from the previous Interreg project, these projects are a source of knowledge and experience, which enabled further steps to be taken. The developed technology is now being exported to other regions in Europe.
10 years of the Hydrogen Region teaches us that structural cross-border cooperation between Flanders and the Netherlands works! Thanks to the achievements but also thanks to the organized provincial workshops and network efforts, the ecosystem around hydrogen has been further expanded to more than 100 companies. The region is on the hydrogen map.




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