What we offer

Everyone can call on WaterstofNet for our expertise in the field of hydrogen. We offer different services depending on the type of organisation and needs. A selection from what we offer:

Project realisations

Do you have an idea for a hydrogen project? WaterstofNet is happy to discuss it with you. We will look for suitable partners and financing channels. As a project organisation, we follow the most important project calls and develop proposals.

Studies and advisory assignments

You can also turn to WaterstofNet for individual assignments. On request, we will perform short studies or advice assignments. They might extend from business case calculations for the realisation of tank infrastructure or electrolysis to the drafting of a hydrogen plan for a site, city or larger region.

Industrial collaboration

As a company, public authority or knowledge institution, do you have plans or ambitions related to hydrogen? By partnering with the Waterstof Industrie Cluster, you receive immediate access to the largest hydrogen network in the Benelux region with expertise at every step of the hydrogen chain. Furthermore, you’re able to call on the knowledge and skill of WaterstofNet for clear guidance with your hydrogen ambitions.

Internship or thesis

In recent years, diverse students have found their way to WaterstofNet, looking for an internship or a subject for a thesis. We are happy to look at the possibilities!

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