kenniscentrum.png WaterstofNet as a Knowledge Centre

With ten years of experience in dozens of projects on Flemish, Dutch and European levels, WaterstofNet has established itself as a respected hydrogen knowledge centre. Companies, governments and the broader public consult with us in relation to a wide range of hydrogen related themes. 

We stand out through our practical experience, built up with hydrogen refuelling stations and vehicles. Also, we have deep roots in industrial networks and as a result we know what is available or trending on the market. We also know the European level, where hydrogen policies are set.

We make all this knowledge and these contacts available to companies, governments and authorities, and the broader public. We are building an industrial ecosystem in the Hydrogen Industry Cluster ("Waterstof Industrie Cluster" or WIC) and are working towards concrete projects.  

Governments, from local to European, can turn to us for hydrogen advice. We inform them about the possibilities of hydrogen, pointing out collaboration opportunities. The drafting of a hydrogen plan or the examination of a case study are among the possibilities.

We also inform the broader public about hydrogen. Through an innovative website, we release the latest hydrogen news and offer information on the basics of hydrogen. With high-quality events, such as an annual conference, we give everyone the opportunity to get to know us, our projects and our partners.

Hydrogen Academy

In the autumn of 2020, despite the coronavirus, the first Hydrogen Academy took place. With three-hour long sessions held over five evenings, we deeply acquainted companies and government institutions with all aspects of hydrogen.

The knowledge shared extended from the basics of hydrogen and safety aspects to legislation and the do's and don’ts for hydrogen projects. Following the first successful edition, WaterstofNet will hold the Hydrogen Academy at least once a year.

As well as the initiatives of the Academy, a structural collaboration with education partners has been examined as a way in which to give hydrogen the place it deserves in the curriculum for higher education.

Studies and road maps

As a knowledge centre, WaterstofNet puts its efforts into the creation of diverse road maps and studies on topics related to hydrogen. This can happen within a project or on request from, for example, a government. We have already worked on documents about the roll-out of hydrogen refuelling stations, recommendations on a legislative level, a potential study and many other subjects. 

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