Garbage truck for E-trucks
Hydrogen region Flanders-South of the Netherlands

2009 - 2013

If an electrically powered refuse collection truck only uses batteries, the range is limited - given the total energy consumption. Hence, within the Interreg project "Hydrogen Region Flanders - South Netherlands", E-trucks has expanded the electric powertrain of a battery-based garbage truck with a fuel cell and hydrogen tank. As a result, the action radius has been increased so that daily deployment on various routes is possible.

The garbage truck was used for the first time in 2013 by Cure in Eindhoven.

The role of WaterstofNet

During the demonstrations, the garbage truck refueled at the WaterstofNet  refuelling station in Helmond. In addition, WaterstofNet has - because of its positive experiences - initiated follow-up processes for hydrogen refuse trucks in additional European programs.


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