Demonstration 6 garbage trucks in NL 


2019 - 2021

Garbage trucks running on hydrogen are an ideal solution for use in the city center. Garbage trucks are used in densely populated urban areas where there are strict criteria for emissions and environmental standards. Garbage trucks running on hydrogen do not emit harmful substances, are quiet and have a large operating radius.

The first hydrogen refuse trucks have been built in previous projects by E-Trucks Europe from Westerhoven and were tested at waste collectors Cure in Eindhoven and Baetsen in Best.

Thanks to the positive results - in order to be able to create economies of scale - the project "H2RenT" has now been approved for a subsidy within the DKTI program. H2RenT stands for Hydrogen Cleaning Trucks.

6 garbage trucks are being built within H2RenT. The garbage trucks are tested at various locations in the Netherlands. In this way, a maximum number of users (municipalities, collection companies, ...) can be introduced into hydrogen technology.

Unique to H2RenT is that service companies are also involved in the demonstrations. In this way, also after-sales service, the refurbishment of workshops and the training of technical personnel can be prepared for a greater roll-out of hydrogen refuse trucks.

The role of WaterstofNet

The project is coordinated by WaterstofNet.


The garbage trucks are built by E-Trucks Europe and the after-service companies are Van Tilburg - Bastianen DAF B.V., Truckland B.V., Autobedrijven ESA Groningen B.V., Loven Truck Helmond BV. and De Burgh Eindhoven B.V.

At the end of February, the "kick-off meeting", where all partners were represented, took place at E-Trucks Europe.

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