Demonstration 2 garbage trucks in different  European cities 
Life ‘N Grab Hy!

2015 -2021

Within the "Life and Grab Hy!" project, two garbage trucks have been converted to hydrogen and are being demonstrated in different European cities.

The garbage trucks were initially used at Cure Afvalbeheer (Eindhoven) and Baetsen Groep (Veldhoven) to collect waste in and around Eindhoven.

They are demonstrated in various European cities, especially at locations where a hydrogen filling station is already present. Below you can watch  videos about the demonstration at Baetsen and in Hürth.

The role of WaterstofNet

WaterstofNet coordinates the project, organizes cooperation with European cities, makes an inventory of available and usable refuelling stations and is responsible for the communication of the project.

At the end of the project a final Layman report was prepared about the experiences in the project and the expectations for hydrogen garbage trucks in the future. Click on the image for the report in issuu (brochure format), click on the title for the report in pdf.

Layman report



Watch our project movie! 2 garbage trucks built and demonstrated at several locations in Europe!
Video demonstration garbage truck on hydrogen at Stadwerke Hürth in Hürth, near Cologne
Video garbage truck E-trucks demonstrated at waste collection company Baetsen in Veldhoven
Video garbage truck E-trucks demonstrated at waste collection company Cure in Eindhoven