Study on hydrogen in buildings

April 2020 – December 2020

The “BatHyBuild” study was initiated in the WIC (Waterstof Industrie Cluster or Hydrogen Industrie Cluster). The study investigated how hydrogen could help to make the heat and power supply in buildings in Flanders climate neutral in a cost-effective way. Taking into account the costs for the residents and for society (including infrastructure underground), hydrogen will be compared with other options such as heat pumps and heat networks in various usage situations. Both the local conversion of green electricity to hydrogen and scenarios where hydrogen is centrally produced and distributed via the gas network are considered.

A number of concrete usage situations are calculated, with variation of consumption profiles, existing infrastructure, degree of insulation of houses, type of building or neighbourhood.

In addition to researching the long-term options for hydrogen, we are also looking at whether interesting test cases can be identified in Flanders in the short term.

The study is carried out by KU Leuven (COK-KAT), Fluvius and WaterstofNet.

An extensive focus group, composed of a number of cluster members who develop technology for these applications and a few other interested organizations, provides input and feedback during the study.

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The role of WaterstofNet

WaterstofNet coordinated the study and was also involved in the design of the calculation model and the analysis of possible test cases.