Demonstration of 3 hydrogen vessels and h2 bunkering 

2019 - 2022

The recent decision by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to achieve a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2050 has triggered the search for alternative fuels in shipping. Hydrogen is increasingly being promoted as an important option for use in both inland and maritime shipping.

Within the ISHY (Implementation of Ship Hybridization) project, 3 hydrogen vessels are being built in Flanders and the Netherlands: a tour boat, a cargo ship and a “Crew Transport Vessel”, this is  a vessel that takes crew to the offshore wind farms for maintenance work.
The aim is to demonstrate the feasibility of hydrogen technology for ships in this 3 different applications.

In addition, hydrogen bunkering in ports is also being investigated and a concrete pilot installation is being built in the port of Ostend.

The role of WaterstofNet

WaterstofNet is developing various concepts for H2 bunkering in ports  and is closely involved in the development of the pilot project in the port of Ostend.