Implementation of h2 vehicles and filling stations on a large scale 
H2 Mobility Europe 1 and 2

2016 - 2022

Within the European project "H2ME", hydrogen filling stations (29) have been built and hydrogen vehicles (325) have been put into use on a large scale. Within H2ME 2, 20 stations will be built and more than 1100 cars will be put into use.

The final report of H2ME 1 was published on January 14th, you can download it here

The H2ME2 project started in May 2016 and is built on the expertise H2ME 1. It will significantly expand the European hydrogen fleet, confirming the technical and commercial readiness of vehicles, refuelling stations and hydrogen production techniques. With its more than 1,100 cars, vans and trucks and 20 HRS, H2ME2 will make recommendations and identify any gaps that could prevent full commercialization. Results are also collected to support future investments.

The aim of this large-scale rollout at European level is to maximize cooperation between the member states. Moreover, the use of larger numbers (stations and vehicles) can also significantly reduce costs, both in terms of investment and maintenance.

The role of WaterstofNet

WaterstofNet is the obersver country coordinator for the Benelux, Austria en Italy and provides the communication regarding the progress and the state of affairs from and to this countries. We also support the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management in project tasks for the Dutch partners.

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