1000 trucks and 25 filling stations on the axis Flanders, the Netherlands, West Germany


The mission of the HyTrucks program is to start the transition of the 2.7 million heavy trucks in Europe to emission-free transport. This will eliminate 324 million tons of CO2, 143,000 tons of NOx and 4,000 tons of fine dust per year and create more than 150,000 jobs.

Specifically, HyTrucks brings together the leading European shippers, carriers, truck manufacturers, refuelling station operators and hydrogen suppliers. By 2025, they want to put a critical mass of 1,000 heavy hydrogen trucks on the road and roll out 25 hydrogen filling stations for heavy trucks in and between Europe's largest logistics hotspots, that already have a significant hydrogen production. These are the two largest seaports in Europe, the Port of Rotterdam and the Port of Antwerp, and the largest inland shipping port in Europe, Port of Duisburg, and the corridors in between.

The role of WaterstofNet
WaterstofNet provides project management for Belgium and program management for Europe.

Founding Partners
Port of Rotterdam, Port of Antwerp, Port of Duisburg, Air Liquide and DATS 24 are the founding partners.