Demonstratie van 14 brandstofcelbussen in 4 Europese steden

2013 - 2019

The European project HighVLOCity included the demonstration of 14 fuel cell buses in 4 European cities. After HyTransit, HighVLOCity was the second bus project of the FCH-JU to accelerate the roll-out of hydrogen buses in public transport. Afterwards the projects 3Emotion, Jive and Jive 2 were initiated.

Buses were demonstrated in Antwerp (De Lijn), San Remo (Riviera Transporti), Groningen and Aberdeen:

Antwerp: 5 Van Hool buses are operated by De Lijn. Initially, the buses refueled with residual hydrogen at Solvay. The petrol station will be moved by PitPoint to the bus depot in Antwerp in 2020
San Remo: 3 Van Hool buses are operated by Riviera Transporti
Groningen: 2 Van Hool buses are operated by QBuzz
Aberdeen: 4 Van Hool buses are operated by Aberdeen City Coach

The role of WaterstofNet

Within the project, WaterstofNet developed a website that bundles the available information about hydrogen-powered buses in Europe - including the performance on a monthly basis.
The website has been online since December 2016 and provides a total overview of projects with hydrogen buses in Europe.


More info about the project

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