Expansion of Colruyt Group filling station to Smart Grid environment 
Don Quichote


The hydrogen filling station at Colruyt Group in Halle has been expanded within the European project "Don Quichote" to a unique test setup for the combination of wind - hydrogen - forklift trucks and smart grid.

The expansion included the:

  • installation of PEM electrolysis (30 Nm³ / h), so that benchmark with alkaline electrolysis is possible,
  • expansion with additional storage and compressor capacity,
  • expansion with fuel cell, so that stored hydrogen can be used via the fuel cell electricity
  • which is then supplied to the electricity grid. 

For more info, graphs and results, download the brochure here.

Role of WaterstofNet

WaterstofNet developed, wrote and submitted the initial project idea.
After approval, WaterstofNet was responsible for project coordination, the coordination of the expansion of the filling station and the associated safety study and communication.

Project videos: