ABC Logistik demonstration a success in Düsseldorf
16 February 2021

ABC Logistik demonstration a success in Düsseldorf

The H2-Share truck performed well in demonstration at transport company ABC Logistik in Düsseldorf from the beginning of November until the end of December 2020. The company concluded in its final evaluation that hydrogen trucks are the future of zero-emission heavy-duty logistics.

Thanks to the efforts and collaboration of ABC Logistik, VDL, the EnergieAgentur.NRW, H2 MOBILITY Deutschland and WaterstofNet, the 27 tonne truck demo was organised on short notice. It was just the second of six demonstrations within the international H2-Share project, coordinated by WaterstofNet and dedicated to the development of hydrogen heavy-duty transport and refuelling technology. It transported up to 8 tonnes of general cargo (e-commerce products), mainly on motorways and in industrial zones. The truck refuelled under supervision of Air Liquide at the hydrogen refuelling station (HRS) Düsseldorf-Holthausen operated by H2 MOBILITY Deutschland.  

Of course the demonstration also brought a number of points for improvement into focus for the next stage of development. Hills formed challenges at times and a more powerful electromotor may be required. The truck is also quite noisy, too much so for night deliveries. This could be improved by lowering the high compressor air intake. In general, the configuration of the H2-Share truck consists of a number of compromises given the need for multiple demonstrations at different end-users. ABC Logistik concluded that most of these challenges can be overcome and are keen to continue the tests in a following phase. This will be supported by the commitment of North Rhine-Westphalia to stimulate the deployment of fuel cell vehicles with green hydrogen in the region.

Michael te Heesen, General Manager at ABC Logistik: “As a privately-owned logistics service provider with a strong interest in sustainable logistics concepts and technologies, we were very pleased to be invited to participate in the test phase. Although the vehicle is still a prototype, its use has left many positive impressions. We are convinced that hydrogen technology will soon be ready for daily operational use. Now the supply of hydrogen and the refuelling station network need to improve while refuelling costs need to drop.” 

Dr. Frank Koch, Senior Expert for Fuel Cell Vehicles at the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Network, Electromobility at EnergieAgentur.NRW: “For NRW, the reduction of emissions in the transport sector is a key success factor in reaching our climate targets. Heavy-duty vehicles are main contributors of greenhouse gases. Thus, it is good to see that truck manufacturers are developing emission free vehicles. In cooperation with big transport associations, we are planning a larger roll-out of FC trucks. Therefore, we are eagerly looking for FC trucks and look forward to testing them with logistic companies in our Bundesland.”

Rebecca Grossberg, project officer Interreg NWE: “This pilot has provided solid evidence on the potential of hydrogen for hydrogen trucks in Nord Rhein-Westfalia. H2-Share is testing the existing infrastructure which will help stimulate the development of hydrogen vehicles. The h2 applications such as the trucks are key enablers of hydrogen technologies and play a crucial role in Europe’s energy transition.”

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