Roadmaps and studies WaterstofNet

Study potential green hydrogen (VEA)

2017 - 2018

WaterstofNet and Hinicio have jointly developed a potential study for green hydrogen in the Flemish energy landscape, commissioned by VEA (Flemish Energy Agency).

This study makes an estimate of the possibilities of green hydrogen for Flanders, based on the results and insights of foreign studies. The study covers both the technical potential (for example, how much hydrogen can be used to decarbonise the transport, heat and industry sectors?) and the economic impact (for example, what are the costs of implementation?). A number of policy proposals have been formulated to facilitate the implementation of hydrogen.

The results have been translated into a first roadmap for green hydrogen in
Flanders up to 2030 with a global estimate for 2050.

Role of WaterstofNet

WaterstofNet coordinated this study, which you can download  here (in Dutch)