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Juni 2020 – Juni 2021

The interest of European cities and regions in achieving environmental and climate objectives through the co-use of hydrogen and fuel cell technology is growing strongly. This translates into, for example, policy documentation, incentive schemes and facilitation of demonstrations and deployment of technologies within their own vehicles and buildings. Specific expertise is often required for the further development of local and regional project concepts into substantiated and committed implementation processes with regional stakeholders. Not all European cities and regions have these in-house. Hence, the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking is facilitating 11 European cities and regions by making this expertise available through a consortium of leading hydrogen and fuel cell consultancy firms.

WaterstofNet is part of this consortium and provides the regions in the Benelux with this expertise. In concrete terms, project teams with stakeholders are formed for the regions of Flemish Limburg and Texel, business cases are calculated, budget and financing plans are drawn up and plans are set up for ownership and purchase of resources in order to arrive at a supported and developed implementation plan. Based on this implementation plan, these regions can decide to take the next step towards a substantiated implementation process. In addition to supporting 11 European cities and regions, other European cities and regions can join the observation network, making it possible to learn from the experiences gained.

Role of WaterstofNet

WaterstofNet supports the regions in the Benelux, Flemish Limburg and the municipality of Texel (the Netherlands)


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