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Ambitious collaboration between Belgium-the Netherlands-Germany on the development of the hydrogen value chain
Green Octopus

2019 - ...

Green Octopus stands for an ambitious collaboration between large-scale green hydrogen producers, ports, gas companies and large-scale hydrogen customers.

Flanders and the Netherlands are ideally located and equipped for large-scale conversion of offshore wind to green gas in the form of hydrogen. In addition to local production of hydrogen, it will also be necessary to import hydrogen from abroad. The ports in Flanders and the Netherlands, which are currently mainly based on the use of fossil fuels, will play an important role in the introduction of hydrogen. On the one hand by using hydrogen to make their port activities and those of the industry more sustainable and on the other hand to transport the hydrogen. In order to make the transport of hydrogen as efficient as possible, the idea is to provide a 'hydrogen corridor': a connection between Zeebrugge and Eemshaven. This corridor uses both existing natural gas pipelines and new hydrogen pipelines to be constructed and will be the backbone of a hydrogen economy. Flanders and the Netherlands have a number of strong technology companies that, through cooperation, form a unique value chain for hydrogen technology in Europe.

Role of WaterstofNet

WaterstofNet will further develop the project idea in direct consultation with companies, governments and Europe.

WaterstofNet and the investing partners are looking for complete funding for the project with a timeframe of 10 years.

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