Roadmaps and studies WaterstofNet

Green hydrogen certification 

2018 - 2020

The CertifHy project aimed to prepare the implementation of "Guarantees of Origin" (GO's) for green and low carbon hydrogen. The certification of the green character of hydrogen - which is made from renewable energy - is important for its further valorisation. "Guarantees of Origin" are essential to prove to consumers and companies how green hydrogen is. In this way they can contribute to the energy transition.

In a first phase of CertifHy, an EU-wide scheme has been developed for GO's for “Green” and “Low-carbon” hydrogen. During the second phase, a pilot project was set up, in which a platform was built that can register and trade GO's. Four hydrogen production facilities were involved in this pilot project, including the installation at Colruyt Group in Halle. The next phase in the pipeline is the implementation of an EU-wide certification system, which includes both GO's and certificates for hydrogen.

Role of WaterstofNet

Within the stakeholder platform, WaterstofNet chaired the working group: "Guarantee of Origin; commercialization and use ". This working group examined the conditions and possibilities of the "Guarantees of Origin" from the perspective of the user. In that role, WaterstofNet was also a member of the project's steering committee. 

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