Roadmaps and studies WaterstofNet

Analysis of barriers for large-scale hydrogen implementation 

The European project "HyLaw" focused on the regional analyses of barriers that prevent the large-scale implementation of hydrogen as an energy carrier. The analyses focused on both the technical-economic and the legal level.

By having regions work together on this, joint solutions could be sought. These solutions can then be communicated at European level and implemented more easily.
A common database was established with the 18 Member States participating in the project, summarizing all relevant legislation and procedures related to hydrogen.

The collected information can be consulted in this database per Member State and per hydrogen application.
The database can be found on the Hylaw website

Role of WaterstofNet

WaterstofNet was responsible for the analyses for Belgium and remains the point of contact for keeping the database for Belgium up-to-date.

WaterstofNet has written a national policy paper for Belgium in this context.