WaterstofNet will coordinate European hydrogen truck project ‘H2-Share’
8 June 2017

WaterstofNet will coordinate European hydrogen truck project ‘H2-Share’



WaterstofNet has received approval for the project ‘H2-Share’ from Interreg North-West Europe (NWE). 'H2-Share' stands for 'Hydrogen Solutions for Heavy-duty transport Aimed at Reduction of Emissions in North West Europe'.

The project aims to build and demonstrate a 27 ton rigid truck fuelled by hydrogen with a flexible low energy mobile H2 refueler.

The objective of 'H2-Share' is to facilitate the development of a market for low-carbon heavy-duty vehicles, run on hydrogen (H2), for logistic applications. It will develop practical experience in different regions in North-West Europe (NWE), creating a transnational living lab. This will form a basis for the development of a zero-emission heavy-duty vehicle industry in the area.

The project will demonstrate the readiness of hydrogen technology for heavy-duty applications in real life conditions.


Evidence from the logistics sector shows a strong growing interest in zero-emission vehicles as a means of mitigating a negative environmental impact. This is particularly the case in the EU where the logistics sector contributes 25% of total transport sector CO2 emissions. While battery electric trucks can operate efficiently in urban areas, hydrogen technology has a key role to play in zero-emission logistics over longer distances. Heavy-duty vehicles with a fuel cell range extender - while not yet commercially available in het EU - have huge potential.

'H2-Share' aims to unlock this potential and will join forces with four front-runner NWE regions in three member states (BE, NL, DE).  The 27 ton rigid truck, run on hydrogen, will be built by VDL and the flexible low energy mobile H2 refueler will be built by Wystrach GmbH. The goal is to test the truck at six locations in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and France.

Based upon the demo’s and strong cooperation with sector-related associations, a joint roadmap for zero-emission heavy-duty trucks in NWE will be developed, along with cooperation from other EU regions. The project aims to realise knowledge sharing between regions and stimulate technology and market development in NWE.

The project will run until March 2020 and will be coordinated by WaterstofNet.


VDL ETS (The Netherlands), Wystrach (Germany), VDL Bus Chassis (The Netherlands), AutomotiveNL (The Netherlands), TNO (The Netherlands), Hydrogen Europe (Belgium), e-mobil BW (Germany) and WaterstofNet (Belgium).

Municipality of Helmond (The Netherlands) and VIL (Belgium).

Associated partners:
Deutsche Post DHL Group (Germany) & DHL International BV (The Netherlands), Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (The Netherlands), BREYTNER BV (The Netherlands), CURE (The Netherlands) and Colruyt Group (Belgium).


For more information, please contact Wouter van der Laak wouter.vanderlaak@waterstofnet.eu