WaterstofNet welcomes Bert De Colvenaer as its new CEO
30 August 2023

WaterstofNet welcomes Bert De Colvenaer as its new CEO

After fourteen years of constant growth and development for WaterstofNet with Adwin Martens at the helm, he chooses to channel his vast expertise in the hydrogen landscape into the new role of Chief Strategy Officer. Bert De Colvenaer takes over the day to day operations of the organisation as of September 1st.

Established in 2009, WaterstofNet has built up a unique position in the field of hydrogen in the Benelux: it has initiated and co-realized dozens of groundbreaking demonstration projects, developed an ecosystem of collaboration with more than 150 industrial players, and has established itself as a highly appreciated hydrogen-facilitator by different governmental departments in the Benelux.

“I am proud of the results we have booked with WaterstofNet. Our dedicated team has developed a broad track record of successful hydrogen projects, established an extensive collaborative industrial ecosystem and fostered close working links with governments. But the field of hydrogen is developing at such a rapid rate that the moment has arrived to reinforce our management team. That is why I am very happy to announce Bert De Colvenaer as our new Chief Executive Officer”, says founder Adwin Martens. “We have known each other for a long time and Bert has the ideal profile to strengthen our organisation. This will allow me to concentrate on the development of new strategic partnerships and projects within WaterstofNet as Chief Strategy Officer”.

Bert De Colvenaer brings with him a wealth of expertise in the field of clean energy technologies and has played a vital role in advancing sustainable practices throughout his 30 years career in industry and in the European Commission. In his capacity as former Executive Director of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU), he has demonstrated an exceptional track record in fostering collaborations between the public and private sectors, resulting in significant progress within the hydrogen and fuel cell industry.

Under Bert De Colvenaer's leadership, WaterstofNet aims to expand its efforts to drive innovation, research and deployment of hydrogen solutions within various industries. By expanding cooperation with key stakeholders, he will consolidate and strengthen WaterstofNet's position as a leading reference point in the hydrogen sector and contribute to wide and fast implementation of more sustainable and circular hydrogen-related activities within the Benelux and neighbouring regions.

"I am very pleased and super enthusiastic to join WaterstofNet as its CEO," said Bert De Colvenaer. "Today hydrogen is universally recognised as an indispensable pillar in the transition towards a carbon-neutral world. With Adwin as founder and driving force, WaterstofNet has made remarkable achievements in the field and has continuously displayed a strong commitment to promoting hydrogen-based solutions, making it a truly exceptional organization. I look forward to collaborating with Adwin, the dedicated team at WaterstofNet, with its industry partners, with policymakers and with the Board, to drive the adoption of hydrogen technologies and address the challenges of climate change."

Jan Vliegen is succeeding Bert De Colvenaer as Chairman of WaterstofNet and he expressed the Board's enthusiasm for the incoming CEO, stating: "We are delighted to welcome Bert De Colvenaer to WaterstofNet. His successful track record, based on in-depth knowledge of technologies and of the different actors involved in the hydrogen sector, will undoubtedly lead WaterstofNet into an exciting new chapter.”