WaterstofNet connects with AHK debelux
13 June 2024

WaterstofNet connects with AHK debelux

Last week the Belgian-Luxemburg-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK debelux) welcomed WaterstofNet’s CEO, Bert De Colvenaer, as a new board member. Earlier that week AHK debelux organized a 3 day trip to Belgium with a delegation of 6 companies, on the topic of 'Green hydrogen in the port and chemical industry’. The aim is to foster strong connections in the field of hydrogen.

The appointment took place during the AHK debelux’ annual general meeting at Duisport, in Duisburg on the 7th of June. Also newly elected to the board of directors were Nina Oewerdieck (CFO Brussels Airlines and Daniela Theisinger (MD Deutsche Telekom Belgium and France). WaterstofNet is keen to promote hydrogen together with AHK debelux and widen its scope.
Bert De Colvenaer emphasized: “Joining the board of the Belgian-Luxemburg-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK debelux) is a significant step towards strengthening our collaborative efforts in the hydrogen sector. At WaterstofNet, we are committed to pioneering advancements in hydrogen technology, and this partnership will enable us to further enhance our cross-border initiatives. I look forward to working closely with my fellow board members to drive innovation and sustainability in our shared energy future."

On Tuesday the 4th of June, the conference 'Use, storage and distribution of green hydrogen in the Belgian and German ports and Chemical industry’ was organised in the port house in Antwerp. From the Belgian side, WaterstofNet, Cluster Tweed, Fluxys and the Port of Antwerp-Bruges presented the regional and Belgian strategies, ecosystems and projects. From the German side, a number of contributions of German Trade & Invest, the city of Bremen and 6 German companies (Cratos, Tec4Fuels, Fraunhofer-Institüt, CAC Engineering, Argo-Anleg and Frank) shed a light on various hydrogen developments. 
On Thursday the 6th of June, the German companies visited the WIC fair, which gave them the opportunity to meet fifty companies in one day and identify possible collaboration options for the future. 

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In the photo: Nina Oewerdieck, Bert De Colvenaer and Daniela Theisinger.