Registrations first H2Benelux real life trials are open
18 March 2022

Registrations first H2Benelux real life trials are open

As part of the H2Benelux project, real life trials will be organised for the 8 hydrogen refuelling stations (HRS) that are being built within the project (4 in the Netherlands, 3 in Belgium and 1 in Luxembourg). The trials involve a fleet of 80 hydrogen vehicles, or maximum 10 per HRS, in order to monitor their performance and evaluate users’ satisfaction. Registrations for the first two HRS in the Amsterdam area (Den Ruygenhoek-Oost and Westpoort), built by Shell, are now open. 

The aim of these real life trials is to gather operational information on hydrogen vehicles (FCEV) and hydrogen refuelling stations in order to gain a deeper insight into the business cases for different types of vehicle fleets. 

Consider the following questions:

  • Do you own one or more fuel cell electric vehicles or did you order one or more?
  • Are you (planning to) regularly using the hydrogen refuelling station of Shell in Amsterdam (Westpoort, Galwin 6) or Hoofddorp (Den Ruygenhoek Oost, Rijksweg A4)?
  • Is or will your fuel cell electric vehicle be part of a vehicle fleet (such as taxis, target group transport, shared cars, company fleets of private or public organisations)?  
  • Is your organisation, the stand of the vehicle or the stand of the driver located within a birds eye distance of 25 kilometers of one of these hydrogen refuelling stations?
  • Would you like to join the H2Benelux real life trial and get rewarded for that (maximum 5.000 euro)?

If you answered "yes" to all of the questions above then you may be able to qualify yourself as a participant of the H2Benelux real life trial! 

Please look at the real life trial section of the website (only in Dutch for now) for more information and instructions on how you can register and qualify yourself.

Any questions? Please contact the H2Benelux project coordinator: