Hyve focuses on green hydrogen production
31 May 2021

Hyve focuses on green hydrogen production

The research centers Imec and VITO and industrial players Bekaert, Colruyt Group, DEME and John Cockerill jointly commit to focus on the production of green hydrogen and set up Hyve, a Belgian consortium that should enable the cost-efficient and sustainable production of hydrogen on a gigawatt scale. to make.

To make the production of green hydrogen competitive, the price of green electricity must fall further, electrolysers must be made more cost-efficient and economies of scale must be created. Six complementary hydrogen players, spread over the value chain, are working together in this.

Imec and VITO are pooling their knowledge to increase the efficiency of the electrolysis technology. The John Cockerill Group will integrate its results into the production of alkaline electrolysers. Bekaert, supplier of metallic porous transport layers (PTL) for electrolysers, will supply the appropriate materials for this. DEME wants to use these electrolysers to convert wind and solar energy into green hydrogen and derived green products. Colruyt Group will help research the applications for sustainable transport.

“This strong consortium with the participation of WIC members can give our region additional added value in the roll-out of a hydrogen economy. It is important that knowledge and production of hydrogen technology are developed and anchored in our region. In this way, our companies realize the transition to a carbon neutral society at home and abroad. We work on this every day with the Hydrogen Industry Cluster”, says Adwin Martens, director of WaterstofNet.