Designing the first EU-wide Green Hydrogen Guarantee of Origin (GO) - Sign up to the event
26 October 2017

Designing the first EU-wide Green Hydrogen Guarantee of Origin (GO) - Sign up to the event

HINICIO, ECN, GREXEL, LBST and TÜV SÜD (the CertifHy consortium) have joined hands to bring a Europe-wide green and low carbon hydrogen GO scheme closer to implementation financed by the FCH JU. Building upon the success of the previous CertifHy project, it will demonstrate how the Green GO scheme will work in practice through a pilot. WaterstofNet will join the Stakeholder Platform and encourages other players to join as well. 

Four pilot production sites across Europe (among which Colruyt's project in Halle, Belgium) with different hydrogen productions pathways will have their green or low carbon hydrogen production batches certified. Hydrogen GOs will be issued and a pilot GO register will allow GOs to be traded and green hydrogen to be provided to a hydrogen consumer by cancelling GOs in the corresponding amount. Thereby, the key phases of the GO process will be implemented and tested, providing real life return on experience to develop the GO scheme and procedures.

A new market for Green Hydrogen

Guarantee of Origins make green hydrogen transferable EU-wide by labelling the origin of the product and provide this information to customers. CertifHy decouples the green attribute from the physical hydrogen flow allowing consumers anywhere in Europe to purchase green hydrogen to meet their sustainability targets. They will boost green hydrogen demand and supply throughout Europe by improving the business case, providing transparency, empowering consumers and creating market pull for green hydrogen. A well established and transparent market for green hydrogen can be a facilitator for Europe's energy transition and help reaching EU targets of cutting 80-95% of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. It helps to reduce carbon emissions for industry and transport that would be otherwise difficult to decarbonize.

Stakeholder Platform

To ensure that CertifHy meets all the stakeholders' expectations, a Stakeholder Platform is being set up to provide governance to the CertifHy project progress via the establishment of Work Groups on various themes as well as a Steering Group.

Sign up to the event (first Stakeholder plenary session) via the following link:  CertifHy Stakeholder Platform and Working Group registration.

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